BLOG - 22-05-2017

Liandon implements Aerialtronics technology

for utility inspection



Liandon implements Aerialtronics technology for utility inspection

May 22, 2017 - On May 4, Liandon is now able to conduct air and inspections with the LianDrone. Only 39 companies in the Netherlands have a drone flight letter, of which Liandon are the first network company to fly with a drone.

In order to obtain the ROC, Liandon has established its own air traffic organization 'LianDrone Inspections'. This complies with the requirements set by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate for Companies, Pilots and Drones.


Given the specific nature of Liandon's operations and the additional issues regarding safety, clues, powers and knowledge of our assets, Liandon has chosen to develop and implement drone inspections themselves. The drone inspections are initially focused on visual inspections of our assets, for example inspections of masts, lines and buildings, as well as radar inspections to map areas, assets and traces. With thermographic inspections, the drone can detect loose connections and hair cracks in conductors. It is also being investigated whether the drone can be used in calamities and unsafe situations.

Why a drone?

A drone is a unique opportunity to add more value to Liandon's services. We can provide the drone with high-quality innovative technology in the field of inspection that cannot be carried out anywhere else. The drone also plays an important role in increasing safety and network availability. For example, the drone can be deployed to perform inspections on high-voltage masts where normally someone would have to climb the mast. Also, the line does not need to be switched off which gives less risk of interference.

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