Drone solutions for Surveying

Mapping made easy


Minimise cost & risk

Simultaneously save money while minimising the traditional risks presented to surveying teams.


TUV tested to guarantee a safe and reliable flight in any weather conditions.


Easily transfer land survey data to any digital asset management system for further analysis.

Accurate data

Get an accurate analysis of the land and material volumes from the sky in a fraction of the time.

2D Mapping

Overlayed insights


Overlayed insights

Geometrically corrected aerial photographs are overlaid on a uniform map to provide operators with a comprehensive map free of distortion.

Cultural characteristics

The overlaid photographs allow for the display cultural and land characteristics, instead of representing those features using symbols and lines.

Geographically accurate

The integrated map gives an accurate representation, making it helpful to measure true distances and to get a real-time land map overview.

3D Models

An efficient survey alternative with reliable insights


Built to scale

Efficient solutions are made by mapping reserves, stockpiles, mines and parks using technology like orthomosaics and point clouds mosaic images.

Faster & more affordable

Creating 3D models of sites and materials using drones is faster and more affordable than traditional methods done on foot.


An efficient survey alternative with reliable insights


Safe & fast insights

Calculating the amount of resources, such as coal, logs or iron ore, is much faster and more accurate with drones than with traditional methods performed using lasers or helicopters.

Increased efficiency

Creating 3D models of sites and materials using drones is faster and more affordable than traditional methods done on foot.

Industrial grade drones, fit for purpose

Guarantee your mission’s success in every environment


EMC rated by TUV

Tested and certified to operate without fault inside of electromagnetic fields.

IPX5 rated by TUV

Guaranteed to keep important electrical components and data protected from heavy rain and dust.

Professional support & services

Easily achieve your end-to-end solution


Set-up & legal support

Experienced staff can assist with implementation and legal advice to get you started.

Flight training

Get extensive theoretical, practical or short refreshment training on flying the Altura Zenith.

Maintenance services

Experts provide inspections, re-calibrations, software updates and operational assistance.

Custom solutions

Customise your Altura system with the correct sensors and accessories to satisfy your needs.

19,500.00 Start collecting aerial data

Fly the Zenith starting from*

EUR 21,990.00

*Prices communicated in this list may be subject to change

Configure your system

Our team of experts are happy to assist you.


Ground control

GCS + HD link


Power package

1 Battery + charger


Zenith Aircraft System

Tested aircraft system


Gimbal package

Gimbal + Control cable


Transport case

Rugged transport case


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