T-Mobile trains own drone pilot

for telecom inspection



T-Mobile trains own pilot to inspect cell towers using Aerialtronics drone

– Drones used to inspect and improve mobile network
– Working with drones saves time and money
– Drones are safer and more efficient
– T-Mobile buys own drones from Aerialtronics.

Telecom provider T-Mobile will now use Aerialtronics Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as it becomes the first European provider to use drones to inspect 5,000 antennas in Holland.

Aerialtronics will also provide the training as T Mobile becomes unique in the telecoms world by using its own pilot. It is further confirmation that T-Mobile will make structural use of drones in its operations.

T-Mobile purchased the drone from Aerialtronics, an international manufacturer of state-of-the-art UAS for civilian and commercial purposes after testing the UAS in the Netherlands. The HD camera also supplied by the company is equipped with heat sensors and transmitters, enabling real-time analysis of the data.

The results of the first pilot at the stadium of FC Utrecht were very encouraging. Jeffrey Leentjes, network specialist at T-Mobile, said: “Normally it would take a week of using a cherry picker to get the right photos of the special stadium antennas and antenna masts and perform the checks. Now the drone can fly around the station and mast in just 15 minutes and we got the right images for our inspections.”

There are many advantages to using drones. It saves time and money and working with drones is safer than using a cherry picker. Drones supplied by Aerialtronics can also be used in poor weather, unlike cherry pickers.

The T-Mobile pilot will start inspecting the first of 5,000 antenna installations using the company’s own unmanned aerial system supplied by Aerialtronics in mid-July.

Jeremy Wigmore, CEO of Aerialtronics, said: “We are delighted the tests went so well and we are pleased T-Mobile are using our UAS. We look forward to building a strong relationship with T-Mobile in the future.”

At the moment, permission must be obtained from the aviation authority before every flight.

T-Mobile is optimistic about the first steps taken by the European Aviation Community to enable European regulation on drones.


T-Mobile is working hard to set up the best mobile data network in the Netherlands. More than one million T-Mobile customers use the 4G network each day. This number is expected to continue to grow rapidly in 2015, as soon as T-Mobile provides national coverage. This increase in data use will mean that more antennas are required, and therefore more antennas need to be inspected. With almost 5,000 antenna locations, T-Mobile has the densest antenna coverage of all providers. Lampros Iskos, Technical Director of T-Mobile, said: “It is about the quality of our network. We are working on an entirely upgraded high-quality network with enormous capacity, which is ready for extraordinary data growth in the future. The stability of our network is essential, and that starts with antenna cables and antennas in perfect condition.”

For more information about T-Mobile or the use of drones for our operations, please contact Caroline van der Veeken, spokesperson for T-Mobile, 06-14096666, pers@t-mobile.nl. Click here for the clip of the pilot in the stadium of FC Utrecht.


About T-Mobile in the Netherlands

With 3.9 million customers, T-Mobile Netherlands, which is part of Deutsche Telekom, is one of the largest mobile telecommunication companies for consumers and business customers. T-Mobile offers customers access to mobile telecommunication services in a way that is both simple and appealing and has a leading position in the field of mobile Internet. T-Mobile Netherlands operates the brands T-Mobile and BEN.

About Aerialtronics

Aerialtronics is an international manufacturer of state of the art, high quality unmanned aircraft systems for civilian purposes. We provide full aerial data solutions to a variety of applications worldwide. Aerialtronics’ systems are designed and developed in-house according to aviation grade quality standards.

Aerialtronics defines the future of unmanned aircraft systems.

To find out more, contact pr@aerialtronics.com or go to www.aerialtronics.com

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