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Aerialtronics Altura offers a proven solution to inspecting mobile communication towers

Aerialtronics has tested the Altura Zenith for inspecting cell towers in cooperation with T-Mobile. Small UAVs, such as the Altura, can safely inspect mobile communication towers, greatly reducing the hazards facing workers during manned inspection and save on costs.

In the last decade, the public has enjoyed an increasing variety of mobile services. Yet, this positive development has been followed by an increase of casualties among personnel working on mobile communication towers. According to statistics published in the USA, workers active on cell towers count for 50% of the victims climbing on radio, TV and mobile phone towers.

The reasons for this distressing trend are various but mostly related to the need for cost containment in a sector which is inherently hazardous and subject to tight time constraints. When a mobile cell tower or the antennas mounted on it get damaged, the consequences on the users are easily imaginable, hence the urgency of the repair.

Needless to say, service continuity in the mobile communication sector should not result in the unjustifiable loss of human lives. Therefore there must be a technical solution to reduce the risks associated with these working activities.

UAS definitely offer the most valid and cost-effective solution to this pressing demand.

The Aerialtronics Altura Zenith presents the added advantage of being already proven. In cooperation with T-Mobile, Aerialtronics has extensively tested the Altura Zenith for the inspection of mobile towers, with trials performed near the Galgenwaard football stadium in Utrecht.

Jeremy Wigmore, CEO of Aerialtronics, said: “The Altura is not only an effective response to safer working conditions for people servicing communication towers but also a platform able to satisfy the stringent financial constraints faced by operators in the highly competitive mobile communication industry.”

About Aerialtronics

Aerialtronics is a leading international manufacturer of state of the art, high quality unmanned aircraft systems for civilian purposes. The company sells multirotor Alturas for a wide variety of applications in numerous countries worldwide. Aerialtronics’ systems are designed and developed in-house according to aviation grade quality standards making the Altura systems consistently reliable as well as stable. Aerialtronics defines the future of unmanned aircraft systems!


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