Aerialtronics tours the USA

Take off: 1st of September 2014



Aerialtronics tours the USA

The Hague, August 20th 2014 – Starting the 1st of September 2014 Aerialtronics will be touring the USA for a second time around this year to address the huge amount of requests that have come in following the launch of the Altura Zenith in March 2014.

The tour will start in the San Francisco Bay area situated in the West of the United States and followed by Phoenix, Oregon as well as Texas to end in the East of the United States in Illinois.

During this tour Aerialtronics will be demonstrating several setups and configurations that are specifically tailored for a particular application such as surveillance, fire & gas detection, wind turbine or high voltage inspection, agriculture, mapping, aerial photography and cinema production.

Tour dates and locations are subject to change. For more information on our exact tour dates, to apply for a specific demonstration or to inquire about our systems please send an email to request@aerialtronics.com or call +31 70 322 3224.

About Aerialtronics

Aerialtronics is a leading international manufacturer of state of the art, high quality unmanned aircraft systems for civilian purposes. The company sells multirotor Alturas for a wide variety of applications in numerous countries worldwide. Aerialtronics’ systems are designed and developed in-house according to aviation grade quality standards making the Altura systems consistently reliable as well as stable. Aerialtronics defines the future of unmanned aircraft systems!


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