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International Micro Air Vehicle Comptition & Conference

The Hague, Thursday August 7th 2014 – Aerialtronics announces sponsorship of the upcoming International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) 2014 conference and competition organized by the Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory of the Delft Technical University.

The IMAV is a yearly event that combines a scientific conference with a technological competition involving Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). The event provides a knowledge sharing opportunity to research groups from all over the world and stimulates them to focus on research that can be used in real life scenarios.

The four-day event will consist of a three-day conference and one competition day during which the participants can showcase the innovativeness of their micro air vehicle. Aerialtronics will be attending and exhibiting during all days and have been asked to document the competition with their Altura multirotor. The conferences will be held at the Technical University in Delft whilst competition will take place at the Harskamp military base.

For a detailed description of the programme or to visit Aerialtronics at IMAV go to: www.imavs.org/2014

About Aerialtronics

Aerialtronics is a leading international manufacturer of state of the art, high quality unmanned aircraft systems for civilian purposes. The company sells multirotor Alturas for a wide variety of applications in numerous countries worldwide. Aerialtronics’ systems are designed and developed in-house according to aviation grade quality standards making the Altura systems consistently reliable as well as stable. Aerialtronics defines the future of unmanned aircraft systems!


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