Aerialtronics filming at IMAV

August 13th 2015



Aerialtronics filming at International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) Competition

The Hague, August 14th 2014 – As one of the main sponsors of IMAV, Aerialtronics was asked to record the competition at the Harskamp military location. All participating teams were instructed to perform a series of assignments with their drone including landing on a rooftop. The footage recorded by Aerialtronics would then be used to evaluate the teams’ performance.

Dutch national TV station RTL quickly picked up on the IMAV event and was glad to be able to show some aerial material of the micro air vehicles. Although the competition is not a big commercial event (as of yet), Aerialtronics feels it is not only key to participate in events like these to keep track of innovative solutions but also to accomplish a shift in attitude towards drones. In that respect, it was interesting to see that the Dutch presenters of the news were already convinced of the potential positives of drones.

About Aerialtronics

Aerialtronics is a leading international manufacturer of state of the art, high quality unmanned aircraft systems for civilian purposes. The company sells multirotor Alturas for a wide variety of applications in numerous countries worldwide. Aerialtronics’ systems are designed and developed in-house according to aviation grade quality standards making the Altura systems consistently reliable as well as stable. Aerialtronics defines the future of unmanned aircraft systems!


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