Aerialtronics introduces its latest unmanned aircraft system

The Altura Zenith™



Aerialtronics introduces its latest unmanned aircraft system

The Altura Zenith ™ sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state of the art technology into remarkably flat, compact and light-weight designs. Starting off from a blank slate enabled the generation of a radically novel idea: developing a multirotor aircraft system that exceeds customer expectations without compromising on usability and design.

Unique Design

Performance and beauty are the cornerstones of The Altura Zenith. The structure was designed to enclose electrical components of the highest quality in a streamlined manner. Hidden within a super flat design, the Zenith carries a 20.000mah battery, which facilitates up to 50 minute flight-time with payloads of up to 3kgs.

Easy to Operate

The Zenith is mainly operated by tablet and for those who prefer by RC control, Either way, your convenience is key. The intuitive tablet control interface is designed to facilitate swift and easy learning whilst the RF joystick facilitates stabilized precision flights needed for aerial photography and cinema purposes.

Versatile Payload System

The flexibility of the Zenith is exemplified by its modular payload system. Cameras or sensors are interchanged at the blink of an eye and even the gimbal systems can be switched to optimize your operations. The Zenith is compatible with a wide variety of payload holders, which can be mounted within seconds due to it’s clever click & go payload adaptor.

Safety First!

The Altura Zenith was designed according to aviation grade standards to ensure the highest levels of safety. Each Zenith is thoroughly flight tested and equipped with several fail safes to avoid incidents or danger.

– Integrated hardware & software redundancy
– Integrated emergency failsafe
– Redundant 2.4Ghz en 868Mhz control link
– Able to fly with 3 disabled motors (applicable to ATX8 model)
– Tested up to stormforce winds (10bft + )
– Tested in extreme hot, cold and wet weather conditions
– Tested in 450kV high voltage environment
– Anti collision system (ready) (optional)

The Altura Zenith becomes commercially available March 14th 2014. More product details on www.aerialtronics.com

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